Post-natal Pilates

My body is so different since having children…I don’t know where to start…I just want to feel like me again and take back some control of my body

It can be difficult to know where to turn to for honest, reliable and supportive advice to help you with your post-natal recovery.

  • Are you fed up with leaking and feeling like your pelvic floor is weak?
  • Are you worried about your tummy muscles post baby and want them to feel stronger?
  • Are you frustrated with all the various aches and pains that come with looking after babies and children?
  • Are you ready to take some time for YOU, to reconnect to your body and feel stronger, better and more able to meet the never-ending physical demands of being a Mum?

Wherever you are on your post-natal journey (whether you are weeks, months or years into it) it is never too late to start your recovery.

Taking time for your self is not a luxury or an indulgence: it is an essential form of self-care.

I think the best result for me was being told by my physio 6 months postpartum that she was signing me off and didn’t need to see me again as my pelvic floor was doing so well! Jen’s weekly postnatal Pilates class definitely helped me so much on this journey and also gave me some much needed ‘me time’ to exercise each week.


Post-natal Pilates services:

Mum & Baby Pilates Classes

We don’t currently have a group post-natal class on the timetable but Jen offers 1:1 post-natal sessions at her home studio in Ashford.  Focussed entirely on your individual needs during your post natal recovery, you’ll gain a deeper understanding about the way your body works and what’s happening to it during this postpartum period. We’ll work at the pace and level that is perfect for you and you’ll soon notice the difference in how you feel and move.

Babies are very welcome to our post-natal sessions

Why is Pilates such an amazing form of exercise when you’ve had children?

Pilates helps you heal and get stronger from the inside out. It aims to improve your posture, alignment, flexibility and physical strength.
Pilates utilises a mind-body connection, which can improve mental focus and well-being and also help to reduce stress.

 Your body goes through a lot as a Mum…

  • Your abdominal muscles will have been stretched to allow room to grow and carry your baby.
  • Your pelvic floor muscles will have supported the weight of your baby and may have helped to push your baby out (did you know the muscles can stretch to up to 3 times their normal length to allow baby through?).
  • Postural changes during pregnancy often mean your bottom muscles need targeted re-strengthening to help re-set your posture and support your back.
  • Your back muscles need moving and strengthening to be able to meet the ever changing demands of being a Mum.

Pilates deals effectively with all of this by…

  • Safely, effectively and progressively strengthening your abdominal muscles.
  • Strengthening your pelvic floor which can help to deal with incontinence and prolapse issues.
  • Helping to improve diastasis recti (the gap sometimes left in your tummy muscles post-baby).
  • Helping to reduce and prevent back pain by improving your posture, flexibility and strength.
  • Strengthening muscles throughout the entire body.

Pilates will help you to realise just how amazing your body is, how good it can feel and all the awesome things it can do.