Reformer Pilates

I really enjoyed that I could test my limits without putting excess pressure on my joints. I could feel my muscles working but I didn’t feel any of the pains I can sometimes feel during normal exercise.

Reformer Pilates Sessions – 1:1 sessions specifically tailored to your needs and goals

The Reformer is an amazing piece of equipment. It’s unique moveable carriage, spring and pulley system variously challenge and assist the body to leave you feeling fantastic after each session.

Our 1:1 sessions are uniquely tailored to you and your unique goals and needs.  You will soon notice the difference in how your body feels and moves and you’ll be amazed at just how good Reformer Pilates can make you feel.

Reformer sessions are suitable for everyone – total beginners, ante and post-natal, injury rehabilitation and those working towards specific goals.

Reformer Pilates services:

1:1 Reformer session

Book a single reformer session and come and experience how good a session on this can make you feel.

4 x 1:1 Reformer sessions

Book 4 1:1 reformer sessions. These sessions can be used within 9 weeks of purchase.

8 x 1:1 Reformer sessions

Book 8 1:1 reformer sessions. These sessions can be used within 16 weeks of purchase.

The session targeted all areas of the body providing a great work out. I really enjoyed it and will definitely be booking more.