Pregnancy Pilates

I want to do some safe and effective exercise to help my body stay strong during pregnancy and help with the aches and pains

Are you experiencing stiffness, aches and pains during your pregnancy?

Do you want to feel good and help your body adapt to the huge changes it’s going through?

Have you been told you need to keep doing your pelvic floor exercises but have no idea where to start?

Are you ready to take some time for YOU, to reduce those pregnancy aches and pains, feel stronger and enjoy some lovely movement and relaxation each week that allows you the time to just focus on you and your body?

I found Jen’s Pregnancy Pilates a huge help throughout my pregnancy. The class is gentle but still feels effective. I enjoyed the variety of exercises and it definitely helped me feel stronger and more flexible. It also made me focus on strengthening my pelvic floor which is so important during this time


Pregnancy Pilates services:

1:1 Pregnancy Pilates sessions

We don’t currently have a group pregnancy class on the timetable but Jen offers 1:1 pregnancy sessions at her home studio in Ashford.  Focussed entirely on your individual needs during your pregnancy, you’ll gain a deeper understanding about the way your body works and what’s happening to it during pregnancy. We’ll work at the pace and level that is perfect for you and you’ll soon notice the difference in how you feel and move.

Why is Pilates such an amazing form of exercise during your pregnancy?

Pregnancy puts your body through a lot – changes in posture, increased strain on your pelvic floor and abdominals, increased strain on your back and pelvis to name a few! Pilates helps deal with all these issues – it helps keep your body aligned, strong and free of aches and pains.

Pilates encourages a mind-body connection, which can improve well-being, help to reduce stress and help you to relax – this can be incredibly helpful during labour.

Pilates will help you to realise just how amazing your body is, how good it can feel and all the awesome things it can do.